What is social health?

What is social health? What is the difference between physical and mental health and why is it important? Pleaz is built on a desire to implement sustainable health. And while we love productive workdays, we know it has health consequences in terms of inactivity and stress. That’s why we think breaks are the best thing in the world – especially if you make them a social thing. The social also strengthens the well-being of a workplace. And well-being is both the social and the physical, which together constitutes health. Therefore: Strengthen social health also during breaks.

What is the difference between physical, mental and social health?

Health is a complete view of how one feels, and therefore physical, mental, and social health are also linked. It is the holistic concept of your well-being – so diet, sleep and exercise as well as the social aspect are important factors in your health. WHO defines health as follows:

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity” (WHO).

Why are health and social health important?

Being social and focusing on it as a business can lead to a sense of health. Because when we nurture relationships and the social, we often experience a difference in our well-being. Well-being and social health are linked.

And it is possible to increase social well-being – concepts such as team building, where you have to be grabbed by colleagues can create trust. But it can be made much simpler and more 2021-friendly. Because it does not have to be difficult or expensive to implement solutions that strengthen the well-being of a company.

Strengthen social health with breaks

The talk at the coffee machine does a lot for the unity of a department. It is both the pause and the talk that do it. Standing alone at the coffee machine is not the same thing. And here you can replace the coffee machine with anything else – the water mail, the fruit bowl, the queue for the canteen buffet or those few minutes before the department meeting starts.

But what do you do when not everyone is at work at the same time? Then you have to find alternatives. One must try to find one’s way into the community in a different way. Exercises that are purely social can feel a little forced for some in a department. But when you combine it with a physical exercise, everyone tends to jump with the cart.

Find out about the community in the team with social exercises. It is good for mental health and for performance. By making breaks a social thing, you hit two birds with one stone.

Make healthy breaks a social thing

Try a Social Break with colleagues – especially Fun Break is good. Have the video turned on so you can see each other. It puts an extra smile on your face when you are together separately. Our social exercises challenge coordination and bring energy to the team and your workday.

Find a Fun Break here

Social health and Pleaz

We have built Pleaz on the desire to implement sustainable health and provide renewed energy – for the body and brain. We know that we can shorten the social distance and increase well-being through our solutions.

It is the small breaks in the working day that we want to strike a blow for. And with our video-based research-based breaks, implementing a scientifically validated solution that enhances the well-being of people in your company has never been easier.

We call them Pleazers, and if you feel like trying one, you can create a profile today.

Social health in break form based on research

Our research team has, in collaboration with the University of Copenhagen, carried out a scientific research project. It aims to evaluate the physical, mental and social effects that our active breaks bring. The Covid-19 pandemic has meant that the research project is more important than ever before, as employees have to adapt to new conditions with homeworking.

Strengthen social well-being and health in your company

To strengthen social health, it is a good idea to take an extra look at social well-being in your business. Small steps over time create big changes, and international companies have already shown that thousands of healthy breaks make the difference. With our platform, we can shorten the social distance and increase well-being

With video instructions found with a few clicks, it has never been easier to implement a scientifically validated solution that strengthens the well-being of people in your company.

We also want to help your workplace promote well-being in an easy way.

See our solutions here.

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