Try a Pleazer

no sweat! no gear! just a simple break.

Ready for a break?

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Functional Break

Do a Functional Pleazer if you feel sore from sitting in front of your computer. Activate specific muscles of your body with dynamic stretching exercises. This will increase the blood flow through these areas, which reduces stiffness and tension. 


Our functional activities are perfect for an active break before a meeting.

Mental Break

Do a Mindfulness Pleazer to calm down and find your focus in a busy workday. When paying attention to your breathing and being aware of your body you can relieve tensions and get more centered. Regular mindfulness exercises will help you reduce symptoms of stress.

A mental walk in nature will improve your energy level, creativity, and performance. 

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Fun break

* You will need two small objects to throw –  balls, oranges or socks

Do a Fun break together with your colleagues to put a smile on your faces and get the feeling of being together, although you might be separated. Our fun breaks will challenge your coordination skills and bring renewed energy and focus to your workday. 


Feeling a sense of community within your workplace is crucial for your mental health and performance.

Office yoga

Do an Officeyoga Pleazer to focus on your breathing while stretching your sore office muscles. Breathing helps you get into deep stretches and it brings renewed oxygen to your body and brain. Officeyoga will not only help you relieve tension but also make you more centered and aware of your body. 

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