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Our web-based platform gives you easy access to more than 90 video-guided breaks of 1-10 min. We call them Pleazers and we add a new one every week.

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Browse for a Pleazer that suits your needs. Does your neck feel stiff or do you feel like laughing with your colleagues? No worries, we got Pleazers for that too.

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No sweat, no special equipment or any preparation needed – just follow the instructor. We have made sure that Pleazers can be done in every working situation.

how can i build a habit of using Pleaz?

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Our content is currently available in English and Danish.

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Let’s get that straight – we call our short and healthy video-guided breaks for Pleazers. All of our Pleazers are based on science, which you can dig further into under each of the videos on our platform.

The World Health Organization states that sedentary lifestyles increase all causes of mortality, doubles the risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity and increase the risks of colon cancer, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, lipid disorders and depression.

Research shows that just 2-4 minutes of physical activity (depending on intensity) can increase your blood circulation for up to an hour later. Thus, active breaks can prevent the bad effects of your sedentary time and bring you more energy to work more focused.

This is why it is important to implement more active breaks in your working day. After all, it is at work that you spend most of your time.

Did you know that just one more hour of physical activity per week can help you reduce the short term sick leave by 29%?

We recommend you to do at least one Pleazer every working day. We do that based on our first research study conducted in collaboration with the University of Copenhagen, which shows that doing 4-5 Pleazers every week for 3 months can increase:

  • overall well-being* at workplaces by 10%
  • mental well-being by 20% when doing Pleazers together

* physical, mental and social well-being.

That is totally up to you. We suggest you do one in the morning to recharge for your working day and then again after lunch to get energized for the rest of your day. That is how we do in Pleaz, but you should do Pleazers when you feel the need for it.

Pleaz is made for healthy breaks at work – during working hours. Therefore, the majority of our Pleazers can be done in 3-6 minutes. 

Are you in a hurry? No worries, we have Pleazers of just 1-3 minutes.

Do you need something extra? We got you covered. You can find Pleazers of more than 6 minutes for longer sessions.

Most of our content is developed with office workers in mind. However, with our app, you can make Pleazers on the go as well. We are even developing Pleazers for people, who spend a lot of their working day in a vehicle.  

You can do Pleazers virtually to connect with your colleagues if you are working from different locations.

Or you can do Pleazers in your virtual meetings to bring some renewed energy and focus to your brains. When waiting for everyone to join a virtual meeting – try doing a Pleazer to recharge and maybe even have a good hearty laugh before you start.

When doing Pleazers virtually, only one of you has to log in and start the Pleazer. Simply just share your screen and submit the number of participants in your meeting. Then you are good to go.


At the office, you can use Pleaz to improve the feeling of belongingness and as teambuilding activities.

You can do Pleazers as icebreakers before meetings or when waiting for everyone to arrive. Try to start your team meetings with a Pleazer and experience how the boost of oxygen contributes to a more effective meeting.

Doing Pleazers together is a great way to build a habit of taking healthy breaks at work and making it part of the company culture.

You don’t. You can just as easily do Pleazers on your own if you prefer or need to do more than your colleagues – everyone has different needs. We recommend you to do Pleazers together as we know it is easier to build a new habit if you build it together.


Further, our research study conducted in collaboration with the University of Copenhagen shows great results in increasing the mental well-being of people doing Pleazers together by up to 20%.

When you want to do a Pleazer, we ask you how many people will be activated by it. This we call “Activations”.


For example, if you are 10 people who want to do a Pleazer together, then select “10” and press “Submit”. 10 is then added to your total number of activations on your Pleaz profile. This way you will be able to follow your progress and keep track of your activations for:


  • Last 7 days 
  • Current month 
  • Total activations 


Occasionally, we also use activations as a baseline for competitions. So keep moving!

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