Computer Back

• 2½ min •
Our functional activities are perfect for an active break before a meeting.

Cross Catching 2.0

• 1½ min •
Feeling a sense of community within your workplace is crucial for your mental health and performance.

Upper Body Stretch

• 3 min •
Office yoga will not only help you relieve tension but also make you more centered and aware of your body.


How to cope with work-related stress

• October 13th 2021 14:30 GMT+2 •
In this webinar, Matias will ask Bjarne Toftegaard questions about work-related stress and how we can cope with this at work. Throughout the webinar, we will bring concrete cases from our customers and bring you actionable tools.

1 year with Corona - How did it affect our well-being?

• April 16th 2021 •
Stefano De Dominicis, Ph.D., PsyD from the University of Copenhagen, and Matias Welsien from Pleaz will talk about human behavior and the implementation of health strategies at workplaces. This will be held against some exclusive data from studies conducted with employees during Corona.

Encouraging Wellbeing @ Work in 2021 - A scientific study

• February 17th 2021 •
At Pleaz we just learned that our product can increase corporate Mental Well-Being by 20%. Want to know how and understand what you can do for yourself, your colleagues, or maybe the whole company?

What is social health?

What is social health? What is the difference between physical and mental health and why is it important? Pleaz is built on a desire to

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Our first report about well-being

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