Pleaz raises their first pre-seed round

Pleaz wants to bring its hybrid health solution to the American market

The Danish startup is raising a million euros in growth capital for expansion in the USA.

The pre-seed round is led by the venture fund Scale Capital, which has earlier experience in helping startups to Silicon Valley. Now, Scale Capital will help Pleaz double its number of employees from 14 to 30 and adapt its business model for the American market with an expected revenue of 1.8 million euros.   

Lars, Managing Director at Scale Capital, says: “At Scale Capital, we have a focus on health tech solutions and Pleaz is a part of an important trend in the market, as the employers increasingly are wishing to play an active role in employees’ health and wellbeing. Corona has disrupted the need for hybrid health initiatives and Pleaz has the perfect solution for addressing health both at the office and for people working from home.” 

Pleaz supports companies in 71 countries.

For the new kid on the block, the timing couldn’t be better   

On paper, Pleaz has only existed a year but still, the team has been testing their product with Nestlé for more than 2 years. What started as a proof-of-concept tested by 1.400 Nordic employees has now turned into full global implementation with Nestlé.  

Julia Neergaard Larsen who works as an Innovation Projects Manager in Nestle Nordics says: “For some, it’s about getting a mental break while for others it’s about relieving pain from sitting in front of a screen. And the exercises allow laughing together because the videos challenge your coordination skills or balance.”

Pleaz’s office is located in Copenhagen and consists of 14 employees. 

Watch out for losing the employees in a hybrid world   

Millions of people die every year as a result of an inactive life, and even more experience back pain or severe stress every day. Companies are now more than ever forced to consider how they will accommodate employees’ mental and physical health.   

The new virtual and more flexible everyday life has turned work habits upside down and has surely challenged company culture and the affiliation between employee and employer. In practice, this might mean disengaged employees which can be very expensive and cost up to 5-600 million dollars yearly.


There is a huge potential in team meetings

Pleaz creates a holistic solution that brings knowledge, wellbeing, and community/belonging to its customers. The web-based platform activates the employees with short video-guided exercises, so the mind and body get a deserved break. Either you can choose to follow the instructions by yourself at the desk or you can choose to do it all together in a team meeting.   

Pleaz calls their exercises “Pleazers” and they span over e.g., mindfulness, functional, fun, and yoga exercises. The 130 videos are designed for a different group of employees and are instructed by industry professionals. 

Julia continues: “Laughing with your colleagues creates social togetherness that’s not work-related. And I think everyone needs that every day. The feeling of belonging together in a period where we are socially disconnected working from home.”

You can look forward to see new content like nutrition, stress, and sleep the next coming months, which Pleaz hopes can bring them closer to their goal of having 1 million users in 2025. 


Practice what to preach / Taste your own medicine   

Twice every single day the team behind Pleaz meets for an activity on the platform, which brings the founders to interns to those who are working from home or remote together – everyone is invited. 

“Our mission is to show the world that it is better business to have happy and engaged employees. No one should be left behind with the feeling of a burn-out.” says Matias, who is responsible for the experience with Pleaz both internally and externally.   

Pleaz differs from the competitive health and wellbeing market by focusing on togetherness and belongingness at work.

See open positions here: https://thehub.io/startups/pleaz