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How one department in PDC became more social

About PDC

PDC is a ressource planning IT company

Pleaz is lucky to work closely with one department in PDC consisting of two teams working remote at different locations. The teams meet virtually every morning to kick the day off, but Since the new COVID-19 impact, they felt the negative consequences from the ergonomic positions at home. Moreover, they also needed inspiration for a social boost – something that made them laugh even though they weren’t in the same room.

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The social aspect in a team is important

PDC has many social activities outside the workplace, such as ski and cycling travels, Yoga sessions, board game nights, and even a football team. They just needed a digital solution for well-being during the working day.

During the Lockdown, employees stated that they had become more inactive, which they were afraid could result in back and neck pain. Amid Corona, there was a lack of social activities between the two teams, and they felt more separated.

Pleaz’ active breaks became the foundation for PDC’s morning calls, where the participating employees now get their body going, as well as strengthen the social relationship.

Each employee is responsible for coordinating a Pleazer once a week, which encourage their individual level of responsibility and boost self-confidence. It also gives the employees a sense of ownership and push their boundaries.

PDC experience a difference in the overall well-being for of the department after using Pleaz’ platform. Doing Pleazers brought their employees closer together by laughing and having fun together at meetings, while formal barriers have been minimized.

PDC has generally become more aware of health in the workplace, and think more about their working postures by using Pleaz.

PDC has an impressive streak of 12 days in a row using Pleaz and has been active approximately 4529 minutes since they started using Pleaz.

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