• Make healthy breaks a social thing

    Our online platform gives you access to short video-guided breaks
    based on science to give you renewed energy – for body and brain.
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Why take a healthy break
during your workday?

These are some of the core benefits from doing Pleazers together on a regular basis. Small steps over time create big changes and international companies have already shown that thousands of healthy breaks make the difference. 

Did you know that doing 4-5 Pleazers on average every week will increase the companys overall well-being with 10% and it is the social aspects that drive that change?

Pleaz has never been more relevant

Working from home?

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned the world, as we know it, around. This means that workplaces have been disrupted and forced us to work from home causing new challenges: 

  • Bad working positions  
  • Social disconnection  

Having a break together in team meetings has been scientifically proven to increase well-being. That is not the only reason why the Pleaz-team meets online for a break in the morning and after lunch. No. With our product, you can make the social gap smaller.

A simple solution

Healthy breaks on-demand

1. Log in

Our web-based platform gives all your employees access to more than 80 video-guided breaks, called Pleazers. We add a new Pleazer every week.

2. Find a Pleazer

Do you feel sore from sitting, or difficulty concentrating, or disconnected from your colleagues? You can find Pleazers to improve your teams physical, mental and social well-being .

3. Do a Pleazer

Our Pleazers are short (1-10 minutes), easy to follow and do not require any preparation or special equipment. This means that you can do Pleazers in any working situation.

fun breaks in a virtual meeting with pleaz

Start your team meeting with a healthy break

Doing a healthy break with your team members makes you feel more connected to each other and the workplace. Research conducted in collaboration with The University of Copenhagen shows that doing breaks together 4-5 times a week improves mental well-being at work by 20%. Therefore, Pleaz strongly encourages workplaces to make a habit of doing breaks in team meetings

BReaks on demand
We Help encourage well-being

What do we offer?

Full platform access

Access for all employees
80+ Video-guided Pleazers
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Dedicated Project lead
Ambassador Program
Tailored action plan

Continuous support

Weekly inspiration
Monthly sparring
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We have partnered with organizations of all sizes, and see ourselves as experts in helping workplaces create a culture that encourages well-being 

We bring this knowledge with us into your organization, and always seek to find the best-suited solution tailored to your organization and implementation needs. Do you want to have a look around with us?