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How Dwarf reestablished a healthy work environment when returning to the office 


Dwarf delivers high quality tech design solutions, helping upscaling companies with digitalization.

Dwarf has been a part of the Pleaz family since August 2020. Doing Pleazers at Dwarf has always been a social thing, creating an informal work environment by gathering people across departments. 

Despite being a smaller team than most of our clients, Dwarf leads by showing that even smaller companies benefit from prioritizing and investing in their employee’s health. 


Just as everyone else, Dwarf struggled with keeping their employees active while working from home during the second COVID-19 lockdown in the winter months. 

As active breaks were associated with being social in the office, Pleazers was not an ordinary part of the workday when working from home for many employees. This was felt at Pleaz, as Dwarf experienced their lowest activations count during this period since signing with Pleaz. 

Since Dwarf returned to the office in March 2021, all employees start off their day by participating in a companywide Pleazer two days every week, to work with employee physical and mental health.

At Dwarf, the main focus is on the functional exercises to decrease risk of office injuries. However, this does not stop them from an occasional dance around the chair on a Friday – just like in the video on your right! 

Since returning to the office Dwarf experienced an almost unbelievable engagement on the Pleaz platform, increasing their monthly activations from February to March by 9 times!

It is very clear that everyone at Dwarf is happy to be back in the office, being able to do social breaks together once again. 

An ordinary day at the Dwarf office

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