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How Bankdata put people in the centre
of their business with Pleaz

About BankData

Bankdata is one the largest finance-IT companies in Denmark with 750 employees.

At Bankdata, they have a holistic approach to humans, saying that every individual is unique and complex with a different skill set, abilities, and needs. Humans live with relations, responsibility, and involvement. That’s is why they have a strong focus on well-being through their Well-Being Committee.

our partnership so far

An attractive workplace in all circumstances

Like many other Danish companies, Bankdata was sent home during the Corona shut down in March 2020.

This meant a completely new everyday life for Bankdata with other working methods and less socializing among the employees. 

Bankdata wished to find a solution that could support their employees health working from home.

The Pleaz platform enabled Bankdata to activate their employees from home as well as maintaining the community.

By doing daily active breaks in virtual meetings, They relied on Pleaz’s science-based approach was the right fit for their employees’ well-being and efficiency.

Furthermore, Bankdata collaborated with Pleaz in an ongoing  research project conducted by the University of Copenhagen and Pleaz.

Using Pleaz’ platform has become a regular part of Bankdata’s working day and primary well-being initiative. 

With more than 2261 activations since April 2020, Bankdata is our most active customer.

The prospects for a long-term collaboration are good, and both parties expect close collaboration on Pleaz’ continued development.

Bankdata has used approximately 5250 minutes of activity since they started using Pleaz. 

Favorite Pleazers:

  1. Computer Back (Functional)
  2. The Complete Breathing (Mindfulness)
  3. Confusing Arms (Mind and Brain)

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